Project Background

The clients have a large rural garden which is being developed in phases. They had already landscaped the area at the front of the house and the first job was to create a water feature next to the patio using a stone trough and recycled metal pump. The second project involved a piece of recently acquired agricultural land next to their garden. This new land suffered from poor drainage and the soil was often waterlogged. Belinda came up with an idea of having a raised circular deck accessible from gravel paths and the lawn via raised wooden ‘boardwalks’. The ground around the deck would then be planted with moisture-loving plants which would create a bog garden with the deck ‘floating’ above the plants. The following year we also landscaped the area to the rear of the house.

Approach Taken

After levelling the ground and marking out the position for the deck and boardwalks, wooden stakes were hammered into the ground to support the framework which would, in turn, support the deck. Weed suppressant membrane was laid with a covering of gravel to prevent any unwanted plants growing under the deck. The framing was installed, the decking boards laid and cut to a perfect circle.

This garden was designed by Belinda Macdonald from

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