St. Andrews 1

Project Background

This is a large front garden visible from the living room of the house. The clients required a low maintenance garden with year-round planting interest. Inspired by time spent in Japan, the theme of the garden is Japanese with a blend of varying sizes of rocks with complimentary gravel to help link the garden and also to act as a weed suppressant.

Approach Taken

The existing garden was quite overgrown with plants and weeds. Initially the whole area was cleared to create a blank canvass. Weed suppressant membrane was then laid to help prevent weed re-growth. Structural rocks/boulders were then placed in the garden with complimentary stepping stones to create informal paths through and around the garden. The entire area was then covered with a mix of 10mm and 20mm gravel through which the shrubs and trees were planted.


“Lee was very efficient with the clearing, laying out and planting. He came across as someone who was interested in the final outcome and wasn’t just doing a job. We are very happy with the result.”

This garden was designed by Belinda Macdonald from

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