Blebo Craigs

Project Background

The clients had lived in their rural property for many years, clearing ground and planting areas of natural woodland. Now they wanted to update the outdoor seating options close to the house, and reduce the amount of lawn that needed to be mown every week. They employed a garden designer to help them turn their ideas into a plan that would fit the topography of the site and we were engaged to build the garden.

Landscaping Notes

The existing large, sloping rough lawn needed to be re-profiled to create a ‘sunken’ circular seating area with an undulating path to draw the eye into the wider landscape. A natural sandstone retaining wall followed the curves of the new patio and path, creating generous planting areas which would in time provide privacy and wind protection. Indian sandstone paving was used for the patio area and a curved oak bench was integrated into the retaining wall behind. Compacted path grit from a local quarry formed the new garden paths. An additional gravel dining area, supported by wooden sleeper retaining walls, was constructed outside the conservatory. This may be removed in the future if plans for a house extension are put in place. Ground was prepared for the new lawn, which the client seeded himself, using a slow-growing seed mix. Structural planting for the new low-maintenance border areas was sourced by the garden designer, and planted by us. Laying a thick layer of composted bark mulch over weed-resistant membrane completed the job.


“We were delighted to be introduced to Creating Eden Ltd by Shades of Green Garden Design and loved working with Lee Atkinson and his team to produce the garden we had been planning for some time. Creating Eden Ltd were the perfect partners for us. Working from the garden design drawings Lee was able to overcome some hidden challenges and make some valuable suggestions. The result was project finished on time, within our original budget and better than first imagined. We could not be more pleased.”

This garden was designed by Belinda Macdonald from Shades of Green Garden Design (now retired).

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