St Andrews

Project Background

The clients had recently moved into the property and wanted to make a sensory garden for their severely disabled son. Easy access was needed for the buggy, along with raised beds filled with plants to stimulate the senses. The garden also needed to be a peaceful haven where the adults could relax when their son was resting. We felt that professional design advice would help the clients to make best use of the odd shaped space and Belinda from Shades of Green Garden Design was invited to see the garden.

Landscaping Notes

The garden design used two interlocking squares of edged lawn to create focus and help make the space appear larger, and the  boundaries were blurred using a combination of deep planting areas and mirror backed trellis. The ground was levelled so that the disabled buggy did not need to negotiate steps and a large sandstonee patio was laid in the sunniest part of the garden, outside the garage. This flowed into a wide path that ran around the house to the front door, again for seamless access. Wooden raised beds were constructed from painted decking boards, to bring sensory plants (with fragrance and tactile qualities) within reach of the buggy. The garden is now being enjoyed by all the family, and gentle gardening has become a calming hobby for the clients, when they are released from their caring duties.

This garden was designed and planted by Belinda Macdonald from Shades of Green Garden Design (now retired).

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